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Long Time Courting: help kickstart their recording

Long Time Courting is a four woman band, based in the Boston area, whose members each bring a love of traditional Irish and American music as well as an interest in contemporary material to a group that has been delighting audiences across New England for several years.

All of the women sing, and their harmonies are a strong feature of their work. Each is also a talented instrumentalist, and their instrumental collaborations are as engaging as their singing. Sarah Blair plays fiddle, Liz Simmons handles guitar, Shannon Heaton plays flute, and Ariel Friedman plays cello. That is an interesting enough line up in itself -- add to it the fact that each brings a varied range of professional playing and recording experiences, and touring histories that cross the globe. Long Time long time courting irish folk bandCourting is a group well worth your listening.

Up until now, though, you had to catch one of their live shows to do that. They have not had funds to make a recording: as professional musicians with other band commitments and working women with other family demands, the money has not been there. However, they’ve decided it’s time to do something about that, and there is opportunity for you to help.

A recording is nearly complete, with the assistance of an engineer who was willing to wait for his pay. Long Time Courting have started a Kickstarter project to gather the funds to pay him, and to the get next steps of mastering, design, and promotion of the CD done to get their music out there.

Small investments go a long way -- and the way Kickstarter works, if they do not raise the full amount of their goal by a certain deadline, no one is charged and no money changes hands. In LTC’s case, the deadline is March 2nd, as and of this writing they’ve raised a bit more than thirty per cent of the three thousand dollars that is their goal amount to get their recording on to its next steps.

Want to invest in this recording, or to learn more about it? There are details at the band’s Kickstarter page.

Here is the band’s website, where you may hear a bit of their music, read their biographies, and find out their touring schedule: Long Time Courting

update: things are moving along for Long Time Courting's project -- they now have less than three hundred dollars to go to reach their goal -- and as of 23 February, nine days in which to do it.
further update: congratulations to Long Time Courting for meeting and exceeding their goal, and thanks to all who contributed to that. looking forward to hearing the recording.

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Anonymous sarah henry said...

what a champ you are for championinn their cause. hope it helps kickstart their careers.

7:14 PM  
Blogger MyKidsEatSquid said...

I love to hear a good women's harmony group. It's so hard to find, thanks for featuring them here.

10:18 PM  

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