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new song from Mary Black

Mary Black is not a traditional Irish singer. ”People often think I come from a traditional music background, but, really, I don’t, “ she says.

mary black 25 songs album coverWhat the Dublin born Black has is an ear for the poetry of a song and a fine way of putting her own interpretation on a song while remaining true to its heart and spirit. She’s done that with songs from the tradition -- Anachie Gordon, Suil Aroon, Rose of Allendale, Bruach Na Carraige Báine all come to mind. She also has a fine ear for choosing newer songs that have depth and substance, among them Song for Ireland, No Frontiers, Summer Sent You, Columbus, and Just a Journey.

Black has been working on a new album, her first in a good while. She’s released a song from that, called Marguerite and the Gambler. She makes the point that this song tells essentially the same story as does the song Anachie Gordon. A guest spot on a television show at the invitation of Christy Moore saw Black singing Anachie Gordon, and it was that appearance in the 1980s that helped her road to national and international fame. follow this link to see a video of Marguerite and the Gambler. and this one to find the song at Amazon Marguerite And The Gambler

while we’re at it take a look at Mary singing one of my favorite songs, By the Time It Gets Dark. Emmylou Harris joins in, and they are accompanied by Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Jerry Douglas, among others.

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Anonymous Jane Boursaw said...

Love that tune with EmmyLou Harris. Thanks for the recommendation.

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