Saturday, June 11, 2011

rest in music

Rests are part of the structure of any sort of music, aspects of space and time interwoven naturally within the conversation and dialogue that make up a piece, be it a lively tune, a folk song, or a concerto. These places take the conversation forward as much as do notes and words, melody and lyric. Rather like spaces which occur in irish sea east coast ireland copyright kerry dexterconversation with friends -- places for the mind and heart to take in what’s going on, to make a point, to get ready for the next turn.

music where you can hear this, and to help you think about these ideas
Music road trip: Cape Breton
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Celtic Kenya musical connection

photograph was made on the eastern coast of Ireland, and is copyrighted. thank you for respecting this

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Blogger Anjuli said...

Its interesting you should post this today- my husband and I were just discussing the importance of 'rests' in conversations...and I like how you tied in the musical rests to the rests in conversations between friends.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

What a lovely way of explaining rests - I've never really thought of conversation as musical before, but they are the punctuation in a piece of music, aren't they?

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Living Large said...

It's been a long time since I took music lessons, but your beautiful description of rests took me back.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Sheryl said...

I don't think I've heard a description of rests come close to th lyrical way you describe it here. It really changes the way you listen to - and interpret music, I think, when it's thought of in these terms. Thank you!

10:39 PM  

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