Saturday, June 18, 2011

two songs for father's day

What sort of music you choose to mark father's day depends on the music you associate with the men who have held the place of father in your life,of course, and those choices will be as varied as the day is long. There are two songs which thoughtfully and gracefully walk through the connections of child to father over time, circumstance, change, and memory that work especially well for thinking of fathers, and father’s day

In My Father's Only Son Carrie Newcomer take the gentles details of a summer afternoon and an unspoken connection from childhood up through the years. In I'll Go Too Newcomer takes a bit of a different turn on shared memory and memory of shared love between father and child, through good times, times of laughter, and times of change.

carie newcomer best of album coverBoth of these songs may be found on Newcomer’s album Betty's Diner: The Best Of Carrie Newcomer.

for other father's day listening, you may also wish to see
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