Thursday, December 29, 2011

at the turning of the year: music and change

The turning of the years is often a time of change, a time of looking forward and looking back, a time for forgiveness, for beginning anew. The sort of music we meet here along the music road speaks of all these things, at times. Here are several snow in cambridge copyright kerry dexteralbums which make good companions for such reflection.

In the songs on her album Before & After, Carrie Newcomer invites consideration of the joy and hardship of change, and the mysteries involved with it

Tommy Sands knows a good bit about change as it plays out through politics, and through the movements of history. Take a listen to how he puts this into song on Arising from the Troubles

The gifts of winter and longing for spring are both part of the landscape Jennifer Cutting and her fellow musicians in the Ocean Orchestra explore through their music on Song of Solstice

Legend and myth, the natural world, and how those resonate with the courage it takes to risk change are part of what Cathie Ryan considers through the songs she covers and the songs she writes for her album The Farthest Wave

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Blogger Anjuli said...

thank you for more suggestions of what to listen to at this time- you got me listening to Carrie Newcomer before and I have enjoyed her tremendously. I look forward to hearing more of your other suggestions.

2:04 AM  

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