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Second week in advent & music

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The second week in advent brings with it a call to reflection, to mediation, to taking in of knowledge and seeing how all that may become wisdom. I’ve always found music, especially the music we meet and talk about here along the music road, a way into wisdom, knowledge, and contemplation. Whether you are playing or listening, this sort of music engages heart, mind, and spirit.

Ideas for music for the second week in advent

Matt & Shannon Heaton: Fine Winter's Night the title track, and original by Shannon, brings in connection and contrast between the wintry weather and the warmth of friendship, between the solitary and connected aspects of the work of winter, and of Advent. It is also one of my favorite Christmas albums

another album that makes a good companion to contemplation and reflection this season is A Mandolin Christmas. from Karen Mal and Will Taylor. though both are skilled on many instruments, they chose just mandolin and guitar for a journey ranging from traditional carols to popular seasonal favorites, from folk arrangements to ones with a a dash of jazz. this is a new release from Taylor and Mal this season, and looks likely to become a holiday classic

 fine winters night
mandolin christmas

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