Saturday, September 22, 2012

music and mystery

How are songs and tunes constructed?

The are built with notes and scales, tone and rhythm and words, if you choose to use words. They come too from the breath and heart of those who play them, from ideas, from the connections which happen between singer and song, composer and sound, player and instrument. They come from what happens between musician and listener, and with how music is worn and burnished as it is passed from one person to another, from one generation to another. It cones from mystery.

fort william scotland copyright kerry dexter
mounres in mist, northern ireland copyright kerry dexterThese two photographs are what got me thinking about these ideas. The intricacy of the tree and the window and their contrasts, and the long view of mystery with mountains in mist. The tree and and window are in Fort William in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and the mountains are the Mournes in Northern Ireland.

Music to go along with these ideas
Cathie Ryan: Through Wind and Rain
history into song: capercaillie: glenfinnan
music, silence, and spiritual journey
Lovers' Well: Matt & Shannon Heaton

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