Saturday, November 04, 2006

Creative practice: thinking about influences

When I interview musicians and other sorts of artists, often I ask them if there are those they'd consider influences on their work. I'm asking that sort of question not so much for direct information or stylistic analysis as to learn more about how an artist thinks.

I was asked about my own influences as a writer the other day. I can't point out row of books, or even one, really. I read a lot and always have, but what influences my writing and the thinking that goes to create that, is music. Music, landscape, faith, and love. Not your basic list of ingredients maybe but it works for me.

To be just a bit more specific, music and sound help me with structure. I am reminded of a songwriter friend of mine who said she didn't want to look too closely at her process as she might miss something she should be creating while doing that analysis. I think she has an excellent point. Influences and process are tools; what is created is the result.

A bit of that music which helps me think and write:
I am not usually a big fan of best of collections. However, for these two seasonal recordings I make exception

Best of Narada Christmas

Best of Celtic Christmas

and this acoustic instrumental work from NewGrange is a really good one as well
Christmas Heritage

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