Saturday, December 02, 2006

first week in Advent

Thanks and giving-- whatever holidays you celebrate this season, they include elements of those. On the social front, too, here in the northern hemisphere as the days grow short, the autumn colors turn from reds and golds to the blue and white and grey of winter, and we all turn to value the shared warmth of friendship and connection.

For this season of giving, and of preparation for change, and of celebration. give yourself and others you know -- everyone you know, I'd suggest -- the gift of live music. Seek out what works for you in your town, be it a familiar style or something you haven't taken a chance on before. Look for music events when you travel. Travel to hear music. And support those traveling musicians who haul their bags and instruments, their voices, their hopes, and the gifts of their talent, around the world and back again to share that connection that comes from giving the gifts of music played, sung, and heard, all in the moment.

three excellent live albums:
Terri Allard: Live from Charlottesville
Albert & Gage: Live at Anderson Fair
Reunion: A Decade of Solas

two artists you should absolutely see live, and in the meantime, get these recordings
Cathie Ryan : The Farthest Wave
Hanneke Cassel: Silver

two excellent Christmas albums:
Cherish the Ladies: On Christmas Night
Kathy Mattea: Joy for Christmas Day

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