Friday, May 11, 2007

now playing: Jennifer Cutting & the Ocean Orchestra


Voyages to love and away from it, into time and out of it, moved by the waters and on the waters, shown in words and melody, voice and the voices of instruments. It is indeed a voyage. Songs for the Night Sea Journey is the subtitle, so to speak, of Jennifer Cutting’s project Ocean, an endeavor which took the composer seven years and likely seven crossings of the seas to complete. Musically, she draws on elements of American folk, classical music, the music of Ireland, and even some sea green indefinable ground in between. There’s excitement in the journey starting out, and sensuality of the sea, turning to loss, and searching and time between, and reconciliations and recognition and return. Though it does not fit easily into any category except perhaps original music, there’s much here to please and intrigue those who like classical, new age, Celtic, and folk genres -- and the spaces between.

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