Tuesday, September 25, 2007

John Doyle: Wayward Son

Wayward Son

John Doyle is a man of many talents: gifted producer, very fine guitarist, good singer, and above all that, or maybe bringing it all together, a man of vision whose vision is framed and formed in Irish tradition. Framed so well, in fact, that he’s makes songs from the seventeenth or eighteenth century sound as real as though they were written today. The emotions are as real, and as true always, certainly, but such songs are sometimes performed with a bit of distance or looking over one’s shoulder on the part of the artist -- no worries on that here. Whether he’s singing Jack Dolan’s tale, sharing a lament for lost love in a duet with Kate Rusby on Bitter the Parting, or playing the reels Old Bush and Expect The Unexpected, he’s a man who knows and loves and feels his music, and is well able to share that. If you've ever thought songs of the Irish tradition were getting a bit too well worn, then this is a disc for you.

and if you're looking at the photo above and wondering, yes, he really does play the guitar left handed.

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