Friday, October 12, 2007

autumn music, continued

Matt and Shannon Heaton
offer a fine mix of tunes and songs, traditional and original stuff. The breadth of Shannon’s flute and the depth of Matt’s guitar make for melodies that draw you right in on tunes like The Shady Spot and The Reel of Rio. Of the songs, Harvest Time, inspired by Shannon thinking about her great-grandparents' love story, and Giant of the Road, about the fun of riding a bike, are especially fine originals, carrying on Celtic style melody and tradition in modern day stories. That tradition is revisited and revised a bit in the song from which the title phrase comes. It is called If I Were a Blackbird, and if you’re thinking of the rather staid renditions this tune is often given, well, think again. And listen again.

The Heatons have a Christmas album due out at the end of this month. Look for more on that as the season unfolds, and meanwhile, Blue Skies Above will make a good companion for autumn rambles.

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