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It's that time of year....when the music world falls in love with polls and best of lists.
Over the years, I've come to regard polls as celebrations of the diversity of music. As Emmlylou Harris is reported to have said, "Awards are fun, but this is music, not a horse race."

That said, here are eighteen of the best. Some have been reviewed on this site, some yet to be reviewed. Music from Irish to country to bluegrass to Scottish to spirituals to Americana, and loads of great writing and singing and playing on guitars, flutes, bodhrans, whistles, bouzoukis, banjos, mandolins, basses, cellos, boots, and a drumship.

* Matt & Shannon Heaton Fine Winter's Night
* Eddi Reader Peacetime

* John Spillane Gaelic Hit Factory
* Carrie Newcomer, Tim Grimm, Tom Roznowski, Michael White, & Krista Detor
Wilderness Plots

*Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas In the Moment
* Gretchen Peters Burnt Toast & Offerings
* Grada Cloudy Day Navigation
* The Greencards Viridian
* Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem Big Old Life
* Alison Krauss A Hundred Miles or More
* Adrienne Young Room to Grow
*Athena Tergis Letter Home
*Jim Malcolm Acquaintance
*Luka Bloom Tribe
*Emmylou Harris Songbird
*Claire Lynch Crowd Favorites
*Nuala Kennedy The New Shoes
*Karen Mal The Space Between

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