Sunday, July 27, 2008

creative practice: a hundred years ago

A hundred years ago, it was still true that most of the music people heard was live. They made themselves, their neighbors did, in parlor or front porch or church or kitchen, they went out to see someone play music, they listening and sang and played in pub or club or school room, at work and at home. A recent study shows that now, less than one per cent of the music most people hear is heard live. That’s unlikely to apply to may who travel with me along the music road. But still it’s an idea to think about regarding creative practice.

Music to go along with this: neither of these are direct references to the point above, but I think you may see connections, and I’d be interested if you'd leave a comment about what those are, if you do.

Beth Nielsen Chapman Prism: The Human Family Songbook

Cathie Ryan The Music of What Happens

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