Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Billy McComiskey: Outside the Box

Billy McComiskey
Outside the Box

This is accordion player Billy McComiskey’s first solo set in more than two decades. He’s been immersed in playing with others, both in the studio and in concert, so it took him a while. Those years and those experiences have allowed him to bring layers of depth, feeling, and humor to an engaging collection of tunes which runs from reels to jigs to hornpipes to set dances and O’Carolan tunes. It’s a program both well thought out and well worth repeated listening. Many of the tunes are from the tradition, although they are often not well worn ones. The O’Carolan set, too, is especially worth noting, as is McComiskey’s original lullabye Grainne’s Grace. If you’re looking for music that will go well with the turning of seasons and last on into the new year too, Outside the Box is a fine choice. Liz Carroll,Bredan Dolan, Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis, and John Doyle are among those who sit in with McComiskey on the tunes.

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