Thursday, October 23, 2008

heidi talbot: in love + light

In Love + Light.


Songs that she could sing with conviction, stories that she really wanted to share with her audiences, and ones that she could live with and work with over time: these were things that Heidi Talbot took into consideration while working on her solo album, In Love + Light. She had another consideration in mind, too: though she’d had an enjoyable career as lead singer with the the internationally renown band Cherish the ladies, she knew it was becoming time to strike out on her her own. With the dozen songs on In Love + Light, Talbot draws together the threads of her career to the present moment, and builds a song case for transition into a flourishing solo act.

Those musical threads Talbot waves into the tapestry hear include a Tom Waits song, one from Boo Hewerdine and Eddi Reader, a traditional Scottish song, and one from Appalachia. What ties them all together is the quality of Talbot’s singing, in a soprano that is at once light, expressive, and conversational, and the quality of the songs she’s chosen. They are all real stories. fiction or true, poetic or down to earth, they’re filled with emotion, connection, and interest that lives on be on beyond the end of the song. Some, like Cathedrals, might raise more questions than they answer, while others, such as Everything or The Music Tree, are filled with hope and celebration. It’s a fine journey that talbot leads, one well worth taking along with her. Hewerdine produced the project and sits in on most tracks. There’s a duet with Orcadian singer Kris Drever on The Blackest Crow. Donald Shaw, John McCusker, and John Doyle are among others who back up Talbot through the project.

Here's a bit of video of Talbot singing one of the songs she's recorded on the album, with Kris Dever on guitar, John McCusker on concertina and fiddle.
The song is called Bedlam Boys.

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