Wednesday, October 08, 2008

listening through the changes

The other night, I decided to listen to music rather than watch the US presidential debates, or the news. I know the importance of politics, and of being aware and connected. When the challenges and changes posed by current economic conditions are as difficult as they have been this last while, both for me and for many I care about, I find the wisdom and compassion in music helpful to me in getting centered and sorting things out. With all respect to Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Joe Biden, that’s where I need to be looking during this time of crisis and change. There’s more space to reflect, and to get clear on what to do, than in any newscast, debate, or focus group.

The songs below have in varied ways to do with understanding and living through change. They are good ones to know, just now. I’d also recommend other music by these artists, and by the other people we speak about here along the music road. It’s a bit of a rough road just now, but it is my conviction that we’re all walking this road together, and that music helps us to connect, to understand, and to live through the changes.

Carrie Newcomer: Throw Me a Line

Cathie Ryan:Be Like the Sea

Cathie Ryan: What's Closest to the Heart

Jeff Talmadge: Wrong Train

Carrie Newcomer: Leaves Don't Drop (They Just Let Go)

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now playing: Terri Allard

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry, I haven't listened to your list yet, but look forward to hearing each one as I sit here decompressing from my day.

I think you're right-on. :-)


12:43 AM  
Anonymous Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

With another election on the horizon in 2012 ... I just might have to do this instead of paying attention to the campaign.

7:01 PM  

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