Monday, August 30, 2010

Irish music live: Dervish invites you to a session

A crisp October evening, the warmth of fire and friends, and a top notch band playing music in west of Ireland. What could be better? This time, you can sit in, wherever you happen to be.

The session is part of the heartbeat of Irish music, in many ways an extension of friends and neighbors sharing tunes and songs in the kitchen after the day’s work is done. Pub sessions connect listeners and players of Irish music across the world from the smallest towns to the largest cities. Coming up on 8th October, the members of one of Ireland's top traditional bands, Dervish, will be offering you the chance to share in the fellowship and the music across the internet, as they broadcast a session live from their home base of Sligo, in the west of Ireland.

Dervish, who have had hits with traditional jigs and reels as well as covers of songs including Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, first made famous by Cher, and Bob Dylan's Boots of Spanish Leather, bring together the best of contemporary Irish music. They’ve played in Asia and in the through Europe, in the United States and in Canada in all sorts of situations. Nowhere, though, does the spirit and connection of their music come out better than on their home ground, where their sound was first nurtured and developed.

A full crowd from across the globe is expected to gather as the band plays music from across their back catalogue -- they mark their twenty first anniversary this year. As is the case with most sessions, you never quite know who will turn up to sit in with the band, although several special guests are likely to drop in. Taking advantage of the capabilities of the internet, you will be able to send the band messages during the evening as well, and they are planning to read out some of these.

This live web cast will come direct from Sligo, Ireland on Friday 8th October beginning at 11 pm Irish time/6 pm US Eastern/3 pm US Pacific. There is a small subscription fee of 4.99 euro, and subscriptions and further details may be had at the Dervish web site. Early subscription is advised.

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