Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Sessions: Dougie MacLean

The Perthshire Amber festival in the Scottish Highlands is coming up. Songwriter Dougie MacLean is the founder and moving spirit behind the fest, which this year will include gigs from Grada, Julie Fowlis, Kris Drever, and others you’ve met here along the music road. There is more about Perthshire Amber at Perceptive Travel and here along the music road.

While I was researching those stories, I looked up videos of several of my favorites of Dougie's songs to accompany me whilst reading the facts. Take a look and a listen, they’ll show you why this insightful songwriter has had his work recorded by Kathy Mattea, Cathie Ryan, Mary Black, and many others.

Turning Away with Kathy Mattea


Ready for the Storm Kathy Mattea with Dougie MacLean

I’m thinking, as Julie Fowlis is appearing at this year's fest, perhaps she’ll put one of Dougie’s songs over in to Gaelic, which’d be interesting to hear. Julie, should you be reading this...

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