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Ireland's music: 6 ways to discover ideas and stories you may not have heard

Ireland is a rather small country, as countries go.

As the time in spring around Saint Patrick’s day on 17 March reminds, though, through the creativity and courage of its sons and daughters Ireland has had and continues to have impact across the world.

At Music Road, we’ve been mainly concerned with how that happens through music.

Whatever aspect of Ireland you celebrate, and however you may be doing that, music goes along.

I encourage you to take this Patrick season to explore the music of Ireland beyond what’s often shared this time of year.

Slam-your-mug-on-the-table droning songs have their place, as do cry in your cup of tea sentimental pieces, fast flying jigs to which to dance, and light as air new age tinged music.

They all, in deed have their places in Irish music.

There is more to the music of Ireland, and the creativity of Irish musicians, though. There wisdom of an Ireland that is both ancient and new.

Here are several ways to help you explore these ideas.

From Altan The Gap of Dreams will take you Donegal and beyond

Connections between Ireland and Scotland in music, language, and story : Allt from Julie Fowlis, Eamon Doorley, Zoe Conway, and John McIntyre.

Fiddle, Flute, Guitar: 3 Ways to Explore Ireland

Northern Ireland: 4 Songs to Help You Understand

Discover ways Karan Casey, Cathie Ryan, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, and Cara Dillon tell Ireland’s stories, and their own

Music and Community:Stories of Ireland

...and coming up later this year, I’ve another project to tell you about that will expand on these ideas. Stay tuned!

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