Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nashville floods -- how you can help

Nashville is a homeplace, a heartbeat, a crossroads of music.

Many of the artists you travel with here along the music road, American, Canadian, Irish, and Scottish, have spent time in Nashville at one point or another, played their music there, made their homes there. In these last few days, middle Tennessee has been hit by major flooding. The sun is out now, but the rivers are still rising, and help is needed.

here is a story about ways to help

another way

sending our good thoughts out to all in Music City, and especially to the Nashville based artists we've crossed paths with along the way on the music road.

The Schermerhorn, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Opry complex, and The Opryland Hotel are among those places affected by the floodwaters...

here's a bit of what that's like
in a fine story from the Tennessean's (Nashville newspaper) Peter Cooper, himself a musician. thanks, Peter.

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