Monday, March 26, 2007

now playing: tim o'brien takes on dylan

Red on Blonde

Tim O’Brien takes Dylan to bluegrass and bluegrass to Dylan, all the while bringing new light to the music. Some often covered and widely known songs including Farewell Angelina, Forever Young, and Masters of War, quite a bit of lesser known material too. O’Brien opens with Senor, a Tex bluegrass searcher on the road rendition that fits nicely with his yet to come (at the time he recorded this) projects such as Traveler and The Crossing. And imagine Subterranean Homesick Blues with a bluegrass band vibe if you will...This is one of those albums which works powerfully as trip from one track to another, and yet allows each cut to stand strongly on its own as well.This is also a man who makes sense of poetry -- someone else’s poetry -- and knows whereof he sings.

O’Brien considers his Irish ancestry onThe Crossing

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