Friday, September 03, 2010

late summer, early autumn, music, Ireland

cf mountian misy copyright kerry dexter
cf sunset ree copyright kery dexter

As the angle of light begins to change from late summer to a hint of autumn, the landscape at times calls for tunes such as Apples In Winter, and Hunter's Moon.

In Ireland (and elsewere) the mist begins to come down the mountain a bit more, and the colors of sunset begin to shift. It seems right to mention, too, the very often covered jig Mist Covered Mountain. There’s an interesting version of it on the pipes by Stephen Megarity, and Grainne Hambly offers a lovely version on the harp

Here is a set of songs well suited to this time of year, as well.

The photographs are from Slieve Foye in the Republic of Ireland.

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