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Learning about Irish music

One of the things you are able to do here at Music Road is learn about Irish music. Perhaps you will learn more about things you are familiar with, maybe hear about music and musicians you didn’t know, perhaps see and hear music in new ways through the essays and ideas and photographs I offer here.

This is a selection of articles that will help you learn more.

I’d point out, too. that within each article itself you’ll find two sorts of links in cooley st michaels copyright kerry dexteraddition to the narrative: suggestions for other articles you may like to see, and (where available) links to the music at Amazon. For this last, often you will find thirty second or so samples of much of the music discussed, so you will get a chance to try it out and listen. You should also know that Music Road is an Amazon affiliate, and any purchase you should choose to make through a link from Music Road helps support what goes on here, while your price does not increase. Music Road is a small family run place, so your support in this way is welcome.

a quick hit introduction to Irish music
holiday gift list: Irish music short descriptions of top albums you may not have heard, and which make great gifts for yourself and others. first created as a holiday season post, it has proved to be one readers turn to through the year

the artists
Irish music is graced with loads of fine singers, songwriters, composers, and players. Each of the artists in these articles is at the top of his or her game, all quite different one from the other, and well worth your attention. These articles are just the tip of the iceberg on Irish artists I’ve covered here. Try out the search box to help you find others

the distinctive music of Donegal in fiddle and song
Altan: 25th Anniversary Collection

for more than twenty years, this intrepid Irish American group has been bringing the joy of real Irish music to all corners of the globe
Cherish the Ladies

a fine singer of music from the tradition and beyond, carrying on her own family tradition in music
Aoife Clancy: Silvery Moon

on this album, Tommy Sands from County Down in Northern Ireland brings in Irish history and legend, the Troubles, the peacemaking process, and power of Irish music and Irish landscape
Tommy Sands: Let the Circle Be Wide

known for her graceful and insightful singing, Cathie Ryan is also one of the best songwriters around
Cathie Ryan: Songwriter

through her thoughtful and wide ranging song selection, Dublin born Mary Black has helped bring Ireland to the world, and the world to Ireland
Reflections with Mary Black

Julie Fowlis and Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh explore connections between songs in Scottish Gaelic and in Irish on

commentary on a Christmas concert showing the best of Irish music meets Americana
Another Fine Winter's Night: Matt & Shannon Heaton

the land
music and hope: Derry
Irish music, Irish landscape
ceol chairlinn: sharing music in winter
Patrick season: music and mist

In the coming days and months during this fifth anniversary year here at Music Road, I will be building more resource pages, about Irish music and about other areas you find here, including music of Scotland and Cape Breton, songwriting and songwriters, Americana music, and creative practice and inspiration. What would you like to see in these pages, and to learn in new posts? I’m listening.

Another forthcoming project is development of courses and workshops on these topics. Your thoughts on what you'd like to learn are most welcome, as well.

photograph was made in Ireland, and is copyrighted. thank you for respecting this.

-->Your support for Music Road is welcome and needed. If you’d like are able to chip in, here is a way to do that, through PayPal. Note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to do this. Thank you.

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Blogger Anjuli said...

wow these links are great- it is like visiting an Irish music smorgasbord.

I've always liked the way you showcase various Irish musicians- and give a little write up about them- would love to continue seeing that on your blog. I've gotten to know so many musicians and groups who I had never known before. Also- have always appreciated your links- you make it easy to find whoever and whatever you are talking about!!

Looking forward to more years of your keep writing...I'll keep reading!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Alexandra said...

It has been interesting to me in reading your blog over the past year or so to realize the connection between the music of Ireland and the countryside, how important it is to the musicians and how it inspires them. I never realized that before.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Kerry Dexter said...

thanks for the kind words.

5:18 AM  
Blogger Kerry Dexter said...

glad to have introduced you to that idea.

5:20 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So glad you explained how you've set up your blog. It's such a unique layout. Lots of thought goes into each post, and I really appreciate and admire that.

4:56 PM  

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