Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Notes from Musicians

Well, maybe not the sort of notes you thought I meant. Several of the musicians listed to the right have started blogs on their sites. I encourage you to look especially at the ones from Kathy Mattea -- she's writing a lot about global warming lately -- and Carrie Newcomer, who often writes about creativity and faith. Karen Mal has an excellent road journal on her site, as well. Not putting links here at the moment because I'd like you to visit the list, and look at these sites, and maybe others new to you as well. Thanks to Deborah Ng ( who isn't linked to the right, so including here) for the idea to pay it forward by pointing out other blogs.

Today's music recommendation: John Doyle's Wayward Son

John is a great guitar player, a fine singer, arranger and producer. On this record he makes seventeenth century tunes and songs sound as contemporary as today's news. Which they are, if they're the right ones, and perhaps even a bit more lasting and relevant. Give a listen.

today's photograph: Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland

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